My Wooden Creations

The favourite wood I like to work with is oak.

There are many reasons for this. I love the look and beauty of the finished product. In my opinion nothing oozes class or sophistication more than a piece of furniture made from oak. I also value oak because of its strength and durable nature.

As a result I choose to make my rocking horses from oak. I know first hand how much children get enjoyment out of my beautiful rocking horse creations and they are well used. Oak provides the strength to deal with frequent knocks and scrapes.

I have also created a few rocking chairs. Again the grand children seem fascinated with these chairs and once again oak provides the perfect wood to deal with everyday use.

I have also used pine to create smaller pieces of furniture. I find the colour of pine can set off real contrast in the home. My small nested tables that I designed myself will look beautiful in many living spaces.

I take my inspiration from research. The Internet holds a great many place to find design ideas to create inspiration. I will continue to build rocking horses and I also like designing my own oak toy box and ottoman style storage solutions.